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With Bestseller University you will master:

  • Launching your Book as a Bestseller. And sell lots of books.

  • Develop an ongoing marketing campaign. When you build your launch properly, the ongoing marketing becomes much easier.

  • Turn your book into the engine of your business. Don't stop with a book for credibility. Let it drive your perfect customers right to you!

Bestseller University 2019 is coming in:


About the Author: Ray Brehm

Ray is one of the most sought after book launch coaches in the marketplace He is famous for taking the complexity out of self-publishing, book marketing and audience building. He shares his entire coaching platform in this easy to understand and implement course.

What People Are Saying:

I tried doing this on my own and my book was ranking 565,000 out of the millions of books on Amazon. Within a day working with Ray, I literally saw my book at 4,448! He works magic!


Jeff Yalden

America's #1 Teen Motivator

Bestselling Author of "Boom"

Ray's service provided results within hours. I was in awe and so tremendously relieved to get that banner behind me. I slept great that night, knowing that I was now a Bestselling author.

Virginia Ritterbusch

Bestselling Author of

"Reframe Your Viewpoints"

The is a big difference between advice and help. Ray helps! I hit #1 and Best Seller within 3 days. Now almost every business conversation is about my bestselling book.


James Archer

Founder, The ShareLingo Project, Bestselling Author of "Beyond Words"

I felt stuck! I didn’t know who to turn to or what to do! I found Ray, and was shocked at how quickly he got the job done. Now I am a Bestselling Author, and I have even more  opportunity to expose my work!!

Kiyoshi Fish

Bestselling Author of

"The Highway of Life"

Ray helps authors simplify what they need to have a successful book launch. He helped my cut through a lot of unnecessary steps and save a lot of time. My book became a bestseller within 4 days of my launch.

Susan Peppercorn

Bestselling Author of

"Ditch Your Inner Critic"

The biggest difference with Ray's service is that he wasn't going coach me, he was on my team doing work. I knew the service was working when my book rank sky rocketed . Life is great now, I am a Bestseller! 

Petros Eshetu

Bestselling Author of

"The Introverted Immigrant's Journey"


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