Why building your audience is negatively impacted by most digital courses

If you are an entrepreneur or author who is struggling to find momentum and your place in the online world, then read on. This page is for you. 


You Don't Need More Expensive Courses,

you need Frameworks

If you are overwhelmed with all the things you have to do for your online business...

...then this may be the most important letter you read all year.


All these $2000 courses and 1000s of hours of training will put you into a cycle or overwhelm that will either burn you out or discourage you enough to quit. It nearly did me. 


The so-called path to Guru status may be paved with good intentions, but they can also be the shortcut to frustration. 


Does this sound familiar to you?


You realize you need to do something for your business, like writing a book, launching a course, or hosting a virtual summit. 


Let’s say it is a book. 


So you go searching around for who creates the courses or coaching on book writing. You then spend 2-5k (some of them charge you 5k for a few coaching calls, what the...?) and/or 10 - 12 months learning an unnecessarily complex system.


Almost always, you were completely capable of doing it all yourself in the first place. You just needed a jumpstart. You just needed a little guidance.


Actually, all you needed was a framework. 


If that is you, don’t sweat it. That was me too. 


I spent well into 6 figures and years of my precious time trying to figure out all the possible skillsets I need and creating the digital assets I needed for my business. 


I finally said enough is enough. 


If you want rare access to transforming yourself into the guru you were meant to be, keep reading this letter. 

But first, why this may not be for you...


If you have money and time to burn, and like the thrill of getting a new huge course but not consuming it, then this may not be for you. If you value a course based on length of content, or like the next big thing that "everyone" is promoting, this probably isn't for you.


The primary goals of what I do are:

  • Completion (you actually finish everything I send you)
  • Efficient Consumption, that means each course and framework can be consumed easily (normally less than 2 hours)
  • Easy To Use Framework, so you can start the same day with the framework you learned, which then lets you create your own over time
  • No frills or fluff. Though I tend to use humor and stories to illustrate points, I do not load the content with fluff.

But if you straight to the point, framework that is given to you (not that you have to decipher or create yourself, then this service can definitely help you and fast.

Here's the deal

I’ve created a program where you can skip the painful and expensive process of "course collecting."


You probably already know what I mean. It is the time consuming and frustrating bit of researching, and then buying expensive courses that you most likely have no chance of ever finishing. 


Here's the problem with all those high cost, lengthy courses:

  • They are expensive (notice how they are almost always $1997 ? )
  • They are excessively long and full of "fluff"
  • You have to not only try to get through them, but then create your own system to extract what to do from them all (you end up having to develop your own framework from the course itself)

Have you ever had to do that?


You know when you are going through a course or video and trying to figure out how you are going to implement it, so you end up creating your own checklist or framework just to use what you bought.


That gets old quick.


Oh yea, and then after all that you realize you are better off hiring someone to do it for you?


That's right.


You spent thousands of dollars and 10-20 hours just to realize it would have been better to have it done for you?


But if you just had a framework to start with, you could easily decipher what you can or should do, and what should be outsourced. 


Which brings me to a little secret you can learn the hard way or the easy way. The easy way is simply considering that


Your primary goal as an entrepreneur is to protect your time.


You can only protect your time if prioritize ...


The efficient consumption of information. 


That's it.


So how can you consume the information you need to know, avoiding extraneous information and get right to the frameworks you need access to?


Oh, yea and also skip the 2k a pop pricing for information for masterclasses with 20 hours of videos?


Without losing any key strategies or tactics? 

It's called Youru.tv

At Youru.tv, you are the guru, you are the entrepreneur. Now you have to protect your time, but also expose yourself to all the necessary frameworks you may need in your business. 


Every month Youru.tv releases something you need in your business:

  • Writing a book
  • Making it a bestseller
  • Hosting a summit
  • Guesting on Podcasts
  • Hosting a Podcast
  • Worldbuilding (think audiences on steroids)
  • Creating your own Mobile App
  • Creating your digital course
  • Creating a coaching program
  • Building your Youtube Channel
  • Creating your own Roku Channel
  • Adding "As seen on..." Major Media
  • Automating all your systems (beyond email campaigns), and eliminating the need for extra VAs
  • Connecting with Influencers
  • And much more...

Youru.tv isn’t cheap, but it is probably way less than you have been paying or had planned to pay.


Each month the content is designed to deliver to the skill sets you need to elevate your status, build an audience and increase your income. 


And it definitely isn’t for everyone. But if you have read this far, I suspect it is for you. 


Youru.tv is my answer to overload, it is a “course and framework each month” system to give you quick and easy frameworks for most of the key ingredients to your business. 


But instead of paying thousands of dollars for each and every course you need, you enroll and receive a course/framework equivalent every month that you remain enrolled. 


Say goodbye to those obsolete and expensive so-called “lifetime” deals. Have you ever gone back into that 30 hour masterclass?


I have rarely done it myself. It is a nightmare trying to find anything you are looking for in 30 modules that are each 45 minutes long. 


But with Youru.tv, each month you receive a new course that gives you the framework for your skillset


For example...


If you are a struggling author, you need to learn how to make income, increase influence and build your audience beyond the trivial royalties. 


Most book “influencers” won’t teach you that. They want you to learn their “proprietary” way to run ads. Yet, very few people make enough royalties (even with these ad courses) to make it worth their time. 


Now, if you love running Amazon ads, great. But I doubt you do, or that would be your niche, right?


So if most courses put blinders on you, and bury you in unnecessary content, what are you to do?


You need a book, among many other things, but you also need big picture perspective. 

Join this Exclusive Program for Gurus

This is a new, exclusive, course of the month club for gurus. Each monthly course/framework you receive while you are enrolled is yours, even if you leave.  As long as you enroll before the end of the month, you get next month's course and framework. 


After that, the course goes in the vault. So if you see something you like today (at the bottom of this message), you should grab it. 


The only goal of Youru.tv is to make you the guru without wasting time or money, even if you are just starting. 

You will also get some very valuable perks for being a part of the Youru.tv program. 


The first of which is access to my private podcast “You The Guru.”


What, a podcast that is not everywhere free?


Yep, I have some super valuable interviews that I have no reason to simply add to the sea of podcasts out there. 


It available only to my peeps of youru.tv. 


I have interviews with people like Stu McLaren, Dave Chesson, Nick Stephenson, Matt McWilliams, Troy Broussard, Navid Moazzez and many more. 


The You The Guru private podcast is only available on The Ray Brehm App, so you need a relatively new smartphone to access those. 


The private podcast is also where I …


Develop new content before I share it with anyone else. 


If you know anything about me, you probably know I try new things and new tech at a crazy pace (maybe you have even told me to slow down). 

You also get access to…


The Dark Side, my secret podcast on handling trolls and cancelers, and even how to profit from them (something I learned from Ben Settle). 


Here are some of the topics we cover in Youru.tv

  • How to completely change the way your book converts buyers on Amazon
  • Think you need to tolerate the trolls out there (using the “Amazon customer” moniker), think again!

  • One way to train Amazon to show your book ahead of books that have been there for years

  • How to create your own audience almost overnight, without waiting for years of optins from the freebie inside your book

  • Think it is too soon for you to be on TV? 2021 is your year. 

  • 5 powerful ways to start building your email list today, even you are at zero

  • How to write your book this weekend, and make it easier to read to boot (I did this and made 20k two weeks later from my “weekend” book)

  • Exactly how to approach influencers with something of value for them, and make money in the process

  • How to create your own TV show, and use it to create a podcast (and book)

  • How to create a product, and get paid to do it, using nothing more than your own curiosity and some free software

  • The secret system I charge 5k to implement, that virtually guarantees you a bestseller and credibility boost before your book comes out

  • An incredible framework to skip author status and direct to publisher, with your own audience and subscribers (say no to cancel culture)

  • A simple 3-step system to making every web page engaging and profitable

Here's What To Do Next

If you like what you have heard consider joining today.


Click any of the enroll now orange buttons on this page. 


You can choose to enroll monthly or annually. By the way, the annual program will not auto-renew. You will get an email at 11 months out, reminding you to renew.


I hate surprises like an annual renewal payment. 


You will get access to your own Youru.tv portal (hosted in Kartra). You will get instant access to the instant bonus masterclasses and frameworks listed below. 


Then on the first of next month you will get your first primary course and framework. 


Each month that you continue your enrollment, you will get notifications about the next coming course. It will be added to your portal the first week of the month.


None are longer than 2 hours, but they are all excellent. 


When I consume content myself, I am always looking for what is the most important aspects and how to create a framework.


In a sense I do that, because once I have my own framework I am off to the races with my own implementation. And that translates to a simpler process of teaching a framework to you. 

There is one catch...


If you miss a class you want (ie. you don't enroll by the deadline), that course disappears and may not be offered again (though I may sell some from the vault in the future, I cannot guarantee it and they will be sold at the going rate at the time... which may be higher than the rate I am offering you now). 


Also, I don't advertise this on Facebook, or anything like that.


I don't need to. For no other reason than I prefer not to deal with cold traffic with this program. 


This really is only for people who already know me (if you have read my books, seen my on one of my summits, or are on my email list).  


Or for people who have been referred to me by someone else. 


Either way, then you kinda have a feel the kind of content I produce. 


If you have any doubts, I would request that you first join my email list and see what I am about. 


There also is no money back guarantee with this offer. You can cancel anytime, but because it is so valuable I am not looking for the freebie seekers or cancelers. 


That is another reason you may want to get to know me first, and that is completely ok with me. 

But do you really have the time?


My mantra is I don’t want to burn my most precious commodity, which is time. 


And that is the impetus behind youru.tv. 


Now, frankly, I am going to get some people that say youru.tv is too expensive, and if you are one of those, I am happy to part now as friends. This is an incredible deal.


I will also have people questioning why this is so cheap. Weird, right? It is all about perspective, which is another thing we teach in some of our programs at youru.tv. 


I agree, that youru.tv is underpriced based on the value. It is not even close. 


But it is also a way I find my peeps. 


About half of the people I partner with today are those who came in first as clients, at many different price points. So, yes, there are selfish reasons to keep your investment low (for now).

"It is like Christmas every month"

Some of this content I am known for, either via my done-for-you services or prior courses. But it has all been polished into easy to understand and execute frameworks. 


Each month you should be able to consume and implement key pieces of your Guru Platform. 


I tend to focus on the biggest bang for the buck processes. That is those that will build authority, your email list, your income and connections with influencers. Preferably the skillsets that do many of those at once. 


But the content changes every month ...

And the enrollment rate you see on this page right now is not what it will be in the near future. But when you enroll today, you get grandfathered in at the current rate as long as you stay onboard. 


So if you are interested in what I have below, grab it now... and I will see you on the inside. 

This Month's Primary Masterclass

(you have to enroll this month to get it)

Amazon Bestseller Formula

If you have already published a bestseller, you may know that it is not that difficult to do if you know exactly what to do, how to do it and where to advertise. That fact alone makes it almost imperative that you lead your business and brand with a bestselling book. Amazon Bestseller Formula will show you:

  • My updated 2020/2021 training and framework for making your book a Bestseller on Amazon.
  • How you can launch or relaunch your book in as little as 30 days with little or no book advertising experience. 
  • A Bestselling book primarily about the author or the book right? WRONG!! It is about the system used. 
  • You can launch a bestseller without an email list or an audience. In fact, the launch will help you build one. 
  • Why advertising less will actually yield more sales. 
  • The exact formula I personally use and use with my high ticket Done For You Clients hit bestseller every time. 

Instant Bonus #1

Get this right away when you join now

Super System

The ultimate framework for turning your idea into a book in 4 hours. Don't fall for the current con out there, that you need years to write a book, and 5k in coaching. You just need a framework. I now write all of my books using the Super System method, and it has become extremely popular with entrepreneurs who know they need a book but don't have time.  

Instant Bonus #2

Get this right away when you join now

Advanced Book Revenues

Publishing a book is an incredible way to build authority, and show you are a guru. You can even make passive income from book sales. But there are many more ways to earn revenue from a book that most authors miss. Join Matt McWilliams and learn what those are, including:

  • The only link you should put in your book, and why that link will exponentially increase your revenue per book. 
  • 6 ways to increase your revenues, that you can add almost instantly
  • How to meet influencers while simultaneously making more money from your book
  • Why adding a little story to your book will increase income and your connection with the reader
  • Think selling more things from inside your book will turn people off? Wrong, in fact if you do it right you will get them out of your book and to your site. 

These founders rates for Youru.tv are good until:


Don't wait any longer...


A year from now, you will be somewhere. 


The question is where?


I know for me, some years were huge boosts for my business, and some not so much.


The years that I leapt forward, were the years when I figured out how to process and create things much faster. Those all centered around learning frameworks and implementing them.


They were the years I learned to consume information efficiently. 


What does the next year look like for you?


Will you arrive at your desk in the morning, still frustrated and overwhelmed? 


Or will you take action and ...


Write that book, become a bestselling author, host a virtual summit, webinar, podcast or mastermind.


I can confidently say you can accomplish any of those things, and probably in shorter time than you think. 


Because once you have a system to implement, it becomes your own. And it gives you confidence and the ability to execute.   


There is no need to wait any longer on those "have to do items" on your guru list. You can have a book, a summit, an app, a podcast... and learn to do them with simple easy to implement frameworks.


I hope you will join me in youru.tv, because you are the guru. 


To your success!


P. S. In case you are like me, and read all the way to the bottom. Here's what I got:


When you join Youru.tv this month:

  • You instantly receive:
    • Super System For Authors - a course and framework that will help you write a book this weekend and also use the content for a masterclass and audiobook. (Value $497)
    • Advanced Book Revenues - a framework from Matt McWilliams to make more money out of your book beyond royalties. (Value $297)
    • Access to your personal Youru.tv portal where you each new framework will be added each month.
    • Access to Youru.tv on The Ray Brehm App where you can consume all the content from your phone as long as you are enrolled, plus access to the You The Guru Podcast content and my private The Dark Side Podcast (for dealing with trolls and cancelers).
  • ​And this month's Primary Masterclass (Framework) only available this month. ($497 Value)
  • Then each month you stay enrolled you will receive a new framework (we announce what it is at least a week before the end of the month).


There is no need to wait any longer on those "have to do items" on your guru list. You can have a book, a summit, an app, a podcast... and learn to do them with simple easy to implement frameworks. Join now!

You are the Guru. One course and framework each month.

Up your game for the price of a cup of coffee a day. 

Introducing Youru.tv 

you are the guru

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